Learning ExpeditionsTM are shared journeys of discovery – they are learning adventures.

Expedite’s learning system is different because it uses “advanced collaborative interaction” in a more dynamic way than ever before. This learning approach accelerates behavioural change.


What is “Advanced Collaborative Interaction”?


Compared to most learning environments, which are relatively one-dimensional, Advanced Collaborative Interaction creates an energetic exchange of behaviour. In this environment individuals experience reactions to their behaviours and observe actions and reactions between other people.

This dynamic network of actions triggering reactions presents an ever expanding number of learning opportunities for participants. These learning opportunities are carefully and sensitively facilitated through reflection, feedback and coaching.

What makes a Learning ExpeditionTM different?

How do Learning ExpeditionsTM engage participants?

Our Expedition Leaders are experts at managing group energy levels and the latest learning theories. This means we can energise and focus participants on the one hand and facilitate effective reflection and constructive feedback on the other.


Action and reaction (Advanced Collaborative Interaction) is facilitated through both simple and sophisticated games tailored to suit your group. Physical and cognitive gameplay creates a personal, unique journey for each participant in a non-threatening environment.


What is ‘non-threatening’ learning?

Business simulation activities allow you to practice and improve workplace interactions and decisions in a safe and supportive environment. Participants have the freedom to approach the game and apply the rules in different ways, with our Expedition Leaders ensuring that everyone feels comfortable in expressing themselves.


Playing games introduces a desire to win, and this emotional energy presents a new dimension to the journey. Learners become engaged because they want to succeed. It also gives the Expedition Leader an opportunity to set “rules” and define, in a very specific way, “what does winning mean?”


The impact of the learning journey lies in how it engages participants at an emotional and physical level.

How do learners put their new-found knowledge into practice?

When you learn something new then, by definition, you find yourself in new territory with new rules. Learning ExpeditionsTM are designed around a very simple yet underused principle: practice makes perfect.


A lot of courses give you the theory but don’t give you a chance to put it into meaningful practice – that’s like being given the rules to a game but never getting to play it. If you don’t have an opportunity to “play the game” and therefore to apply the learning, why would you remember the rules or care about what you’ve just learnt?


This is why Learning ExpeditionsTM are so powerful; interactive, dynamic activities allow you to behave in new ways and see the impact that is made in a non-threatening “safe” environment.


This principle is the backbone of all our Learning ExpeditionsTM.



Remember, Remember…

Learning ExpeditionsTM become more memorable because we communicate with participants at various times aside from the day of the Expedition.


They will have correspondence with us before they attend to build excitement and complete any pre-work necessary, and we send reminders to participants at 4 carefully chosen intervals to ensure the learning sticks.

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