Graduate Programmes for Leadership Skills Development

Team Coaching using Collaborative Learning

Graduate programmes are a particularly exciting opportunity to learn about leadership and develop leadership skills within collaborative teams. Expedite Learning specialise in tailoring graduate learning to suit your organisation. We’re all on a journey of discovery and a graduate programme is probably the first experience of leadership development. It’s important that you set the standard by putting your organisation’s best foot forward by embedding leadership behaviours that are aligned with your company culture, vision and mission.

Graduate Leadership ExpeditionsTM are highly interactive and engaging learning experiences. These training programmes involve collaborative challenges that empower graduates to grow. Learning is through team coaching, individual reflection and collective activity.

Courses are tailored around your organisation’s graduate programme, with specific learning designed to grow your leadership teams in alignment with your organisation’s objectives.

Graduate Leadership ExpeditionsTM

Expedite Emotional IntelligenceTM

1 day course for any number of people to suit your graduate programme


To grow individual awareness of our own and others behaviour by understanding our core values and personality.

Key learning:

  • increasing your regard for self & others through emotional intelligence
  • improving relationships and managing your own mindsets
  • developing the ability to influence and motivate others through interpersonal excellence.




Expedite an Inclusive CultureTM

1 day course for any number of people to suit your organisation


To build awareness of differences and the need to increase inclusion.

Key learning:

  • looking at the breadth of diversity opportunities and challenges
  • exploring the benefits of a valued and varied workforce
  • uncovering the most common stereotypes and inequality
  • Understanding self-identity and what increases bias




Global Graduate ExpeditionTM

½- 1 day course for any number of graduates of your choosing


To enhance team working and to build awareness of your individual and collective responsibility towards global issues and sustainability.

Key learning:

  • building graduates’ awareness of your organisation’s cultural footprint
  • building emotional intelligence and behavioural awareness
  • exploring teamwork and leadership behaviour
  • exploring the impact of collective decision-making as leaders




Leadership BasecampTM

2 day course for any number of graduates to suit your organisation


For aspiring or new leaders to gain greater understanding of their own leadership style, personal impact and purpose.

Key learning:

  • understanding motivation and empowerment
  • building emotional intelligence and behavioural awareness
  • exploring leadership styles
  • building foundations of authentic leadership




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