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Leadership Courses for Managers with Talent

Expedite Learning create training courses that are dynamic journeys of discovery designed to unleash the potential of talent in your teams. Learning programmes are interactive and collaborative, in other words, managers with talent learn to develop their leadership skills through live team interaction and real-life experience. Managers put the theory into practice as part of their Learning ExpeditionTM.

If you are a talented team manager or team leader you will have the chance to explore your own understanding – of yourself, your team and how to align this with your organisation’s agenda. Then you will develop your skills at team coaching with professional Expedite facilitators to guide your learning.

Courses are tailored around talent in your organisation, with specific learning designed to grow your management and leadership teams in alignment with your organisation’s objectives.

Talent Management ExpeditionsTM

Expedite your TalentTM

1 day course for any number of managers to suit your organisation


To help managers understand how to identify the development needs of their teams and to utilise a range of methods to increase competence.

Key learning:

  • how to bring people from obligation to motivation
  • understanding growth and fixed mindsets
  • empowering individuals and contributing to organisational success through feedback and coaching




T.A.D. ExpeditionTM

Talent Assessment and Development Centres 1-2 day courses


To identify the very best people, whose values, drive and potential not only match but help shape the culture and commercial success of your future business.

Key learning:

  • Creating and agreeing clear competency frameworks and robust assessment criteria
  • exploring talent through assessment activities and interactive game-play
  • evaluating individual performance in the context of collaborative, collective success coaching




Dynamic Talent ExpeditionTM

1 day course for any number of people to suit talent in your teams


To enable team managers and team leaders to explore team dynamics, identify talent and develop behaviours of highly effective teams.

Key learning:

  • experiencing the DiSC behavioural profile to understand your own behaviour and your impact on others
  • exploring the 5 Behaviours of Highly Functioning Teams
  • developing the ability to influence and motivate others




Expedite Emotional IntelligenceTM

1 day course for any number of people to suit talent in your teams


To grow individual awareness of our own talent, behaviour and impact on others by understanding our core values and personality.

Key learning:

  • increasing your regard for self & others through emotional intelligence
  • improving relationships and managing your own mindsets
  • developing the ability to influence and motivate others through interpersonal excellence.




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