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If I win then someone else has to lose, right? And I’d better not help anyone else to win because that would mean I’d be more likely to lose, wouldn’t I? Think again…

Although these old-school beliefs are on the way out, they still linger in many organisations. The consequence is that their creativity is stifled and fantastic opportunities for collaboration, innovation and positive change are missed. Instead of allowing this to happen, why not challenge your future leaders to bring every ounce of their fresh thinking to the table?

FreshBiz is a transformational game which presents an accurate and contemporary business reality, where collaborative working and leveraging opportunities can result in ‘quantum leaps’ towards the goal. Experiencing this ‘Win to the Winth Power’ in action will give your team confidence in their ideas around collaboration, creativity and leadership as they experiment with finding ways to win their game.

FreshBiz is designed to create a thriving culture of creativity and proactivity that encourages outside the box thinking and ignores limiting self-imposed rules. FreshBiz makes people think differently about what winning looks like and what possibilities there are when working collaboratively.



“Right after 50 of our top executives played the game, we started implementing the concepts and ideas, and it has generated an additional 1 million dollars in revenues these past 2 years!”

Ronen Cohen – HR Manager, Fattal Hotels Worldwide

“Thanks again for the FreshBiz Experience; I thought it was great, innovative, and fresh. I was quite impressed how easily I could apply it in the real world.”

Idit Gazit Berger – Sales Manager, Microsoft, London, UK

“If you’ve been looking for direction on how to enjoy success in business while also enjoying a deep sense of meaning and a high quality of life the FreshBiz game is your guide.”

Andrew Hewitt – Founder, Gamechangers 500, CA, US

“After I saw the potential in what they created I invited them to run their workshop for IBM and the University of North Carolina. The results were extraordinary! In short, the FreshBiz experience enables players to begin to see the world through a different perspective. As you play, you can physically feel your restrictive biases melt away”

Porter Stowell – Head of IBM’s Serious Games & Gamification Group

FreshBiz Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to see the bigger picture


  • Expand the day to day impact of your leaders through increased confidence


  • Give your team a new way to think together about creative business solutions


  • Ability to spot and create opportunities
  • Ability to maximise, optimise and leverage resources in smart ways


  • Develop a collaborative spirit of engaged and mindful team members


  • Develop a love of learning and improving performance


  • Understanding different motivations


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