Our mission is to empower people to grow through interactive and collaborative learning experiences

How are Learning ExpeditionsTM different?
  • Learning is interactive and collaborative – you learn by interacting with other people and by doing – putting your learning into practise
  • Courses are learning adventures – active, dynamic and fun “Expeditions”
  • Leadership training programmes are tailored to your organisation to reflect your culture and to develop aligned behaviours
  • Our training method – pedagogy – is the strongest combination of theory, reflection and doing i.e. experiential learning
  • You will do things differently as a result of your experience on a Learning ExpeditionTM
Why are we called Expedite Learning?
  • Expedite is from the Latin – ex-ped-ire – with an original meaning of “freeing the feet” or “liberating” – we love learning that liberates…
  • Expedite’s modern meaning is “to perform quickly” or “to make something happen more quickly” – we apply this to our course structures to “expedite learning”
  • ‘ped’ (as well as Latin for foot) is short for ‘pedagogy’ – the method of teaching: interactive and collaborative learning is our central method
  • St Expeditus – legend has it that St Expeditus was a Roman Centurion who refused to procrastinate and seized the day to become a Christian: ‘Carpe Diem!’

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