Leadership Development Training Courses

Expedite Learning’s leadership courses are different because they are highly interactive and involve Advanced Collaborative Interaction. We call them Learning ExpeditionsTM because they are learning adventures. We learn the most through actively doing, and this is why our courses give you activities that are new, exciting and specifically designed to help you develop your own leadership skills. By seeing the impact you’re making on others and their reactions to this, you create a series of dynamic interactions that create further chances for leadership learning and experience. Topics include transition management, emotional intelligence and creating effective relationships and conversations.

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Graduate Development Leadership Programmes

Graduate programmes are an exciting opportunity to develop company loyalty and create the future leaders of your business. A graduate programme is often a person’s first experience of leadership development so it’s important that you set the standard by putting your organisation’s best foot forward. Expedite Learning specialise in tailoring graduate learning to suit your organisation through immersive activities that increase a graduate’s confidence in their abilities. Graduate Leadership ExpeditionsTM are highly interactive and engaging learning experiences that will show your graduates that you care about their development.

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Talent Management Training Courses

Everyone has talent. Sometimes talent in your team is obvious and often there are hidden talents still waiting to be explored. Learning ExpeditionsTM are journeys of discovery where world-leading theory and psychometrics are explored through interactive activities that empower everyone to gain leadership experience and excel. Explore how you manage the talent in your team; how you give feedback, identify training needs and motivate. Interactive and collaborative experiences provide the ideal training ground to develop your knowledge of, and experience in, talent management.

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Team Leadership and Team Coaching using Collaborative Learning

Leadership at work normally involves at least one team. Team leadership in today’s workplace requires advanced teamwork skills. Expedite’s Learning ExpeditionsTM use collaborative learning techniques to immerse you in challenging interactive courses. On Expedite’s team leadership courses your journey will show you that everything you do as a team leader has an impact and how you can make that a positive one. Team coaching leads you through the most effective learning methods to best understand and adapt the impact you make on your teams.

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Why Choose a Learning ExpeditionTM

  • Your learning is an immersive adventure
  • You will put your learning in to action
  • Dynamic, interactive activities put you in control of your learning
  • You will develop a bank of experience to draw upon
  • You will impact people around you
  • You’ll have fun
  • You’ll be stretched
  • You’ll reflect on personal experiences
  • You will discover new leadership concepts through action
  • You’ll try out new skills
  • You’ll share different approaches
  • You’ll do something different

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